Polyfusion Welding Services Ltd - Canterbury PE pipe butt welding and electrofusion specialists
Polyfusion Welding Services 

is a Canterbury owned and operated business experienced in both polyethylene pipe butt and electrofusion welding.

Our operators are fully certified and strive for a fast and efficient service.

We specialise in all forms of irrigation work including: suction hose, hard hose for gun irrigators and lateral pivots.

We do undertake civil PE welding work in and around the Canterbury area. 

The welding diameters we can work with range from: 
  90-630mm for PE pipe, and 
  40-800mmfor electrofusion. 
Call us, if you want a good job done involving: 
  PE butt welding, 
  electrofusion welding, 
  internal de-beading and/or 
  weld logs.  
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